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Facebook scans some of the contents of your private Messenger texts | Daily Mail Online

April 7, 2018

Here is one more Scandal Facebook scans the contents of messages that people send each other on its Messenger app, blocking any content that contravenes its rules, it has emerged


Facebook latest: all users may have had some data exposed, messages monitored for good reasons

April 5, 2018

There seems no end in sight to the #FacebookPrivacy saga. #Facebook first revealed that up to 87M #people may have had their data harvested by Cambridge Analytica, 71M of them #Americans.

Facebook Messenger Scams Video Alert for 2018 Do You Have ID Protection | USAwebReviews

January 9, 2018

If you receive a message form your friends saying You’re in a viral YouTube video This is one of the New Facebook Messenger Scams,they’re trying to fool you in thinking that you are the star in the video that is going viral.

Facebook Scam Messenger Alert Video for 2018 Do You Have Identity Theft Protection

January 8, 2018

Your Facebook friends may have bean already hacked with identity theft , you will be too if you do this one thing on messenger

Facebook Ads Tutorial: A Complete Step-by-Step Facebook Ads Guide for 2018 • My Lead System PRO – MyLeadSystemPRO

January 7, 2018

Want to start getting leads for your business NOW? Facebook ads is the quickest way to do that, and with this step-by-step Facebook ads tutorial we’re going to get you there in no time. Case studies, tips and tricks to avoid the biggest mistakes…

Facebook Messenger Marketing • My Lead System Pro

January 6, 2018

Everything marketers need to know about Facebook Messenger Marketing. Get your FIRST messenger ad LIVE and learn the strategies that have exploded our ROI…

Taking Facebook Quizzes Could Put You At Risk For Identity Theft Here’s How To Protect Yourself

December 23, 2017

Finding out who you might have been in a past life or discovering the hidden meaning of your name can be fun ways to kill time. Besides, what’s the harm?

Facebook to demote posts fishing for Likes

December 20, 2017

#Facebook will demote posts from people and pages using “engagement bait.”The #company said it will have stricter demotions for repeat #offenders.

What you’re Doing Wrong on Facebook Threat of Identity Theft is Real on Social Media

October 19, 2017

Here Is The #VIDEO: How you’re compromising your #Identity on #Facebook Threat of #IdentityTheft

Facebook Challenges for Lead Generation in 5 Simple Steps • My Lead System PRO – MyLeadSystemPRO

October 19, 2017

If you’ve never heard of ‘ #FacebookChallenges’ before to get #Leads and grow your #business, you are not alone. This case study and #Tutorial will #show you how to take advantage of #Facebook Challenges for #Lead generation today.